Use of Telerik Controls in ActiveX for use in SAP SDK

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We are trying to use the Telerik controls for development of applications that can integration into SAP Business One. In order to do that, we wanted to use the control into an ActiveX object, and then use that object inside of the SAP SDK on custom forms. We have been able to get the Telerik control into an ActiveX DLL, and then use that DLL on a Windows form.

However, when we try to use the same ActiveX DLL inside of the SAP System and try to set the ClassID property of the SAP SDK ActiveX object, which requires the ProgID or GUID of the ActiveX object, and pass the reference, the .NET program is throwing an exception.

If anyone has taken this approach with a Telerik control (through an ActiveX DLL) in an environment like SAP Business One, and can assist in what could be causing this issue, please post any pertinent information.
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DarrenSenior Software Engineer


Just a first thought...

So you developed an application that uses the Telerik control.

Is SAP on the same machine?

If not, then have you put the telerik controls on the SAP Business One Server?



Yes, SAP , Visual studio.NET and telerik controls are on the same machine. What is interesting is that we were able to get another telerik control (progress bar) working fine in the SAP screens.

The above issue arises when we are using their chart control.
Senior Software Engineer
Seems a bit odd...

Have you created a new program with the Chart control from scratch and tried that?


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