How do I set up reverse DNS?

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Hi, i would like to know how should be set up our reverse DNS. We have 2 different servers.
1 is and 1 is And we host a couple of domains. When I diagnose for example - it points to and everything is OK. But when I diagnose for example, this goes to and there are couple of issues -

1. May be an open relay.
2. Reverse DNS FAILED! This is a problem.
3. Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

Please how can I solve all these issues? Do I have to set up only the or do I have to setup all the other domains which we host at

Once reverse DNS will be ok for the, will it be ok also for all the domains that have hosting at it?

Thank you..
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you have to create a revirce PTR record and register it with the name .


Ah, ok, and where can i create it?
in your ISP , you have to call them to do that.
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ok, thank you, and what about the open relay? How can I close it?


ok, i`ve checked it at and it shows that the SMTP server is NOT an open relay. So hopefully that`s ok..

ok, thank you for your help..

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