How to modify a data source in RAD-7

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I am now maintaining a simple web application
 IDE = Rad-7
 Webserver  = Tomcat

I am learning on the fly but familiar with the environment - except my data connection.

I have a local webserver, that works fine. With the help of a colleague, I copied the entire application to start a new one. The data connection was copied as well.

Now I want to change the data connection and start work on the new project.

I watched him create the data connection and understood it but can't find it for the life of me.

In the Data Explorer, there is only "Derby Sample Connection"

but there's some properties screen or something where I thought I could go and update the data connection.

Otherwise, I am left with the Wizard, and I have no idea what to put in for
- Database: is the the oracle instance name ?
- JDBC driver class : ??? no clue
- Class location : ??? no clue
- Connection URL: ??? no clue
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gurvinder and melchishore, thank you for the links.
so is it not possible to 'edit' my existing data connection ?
my colleague set it up and I have a working application (pointing to the d.b. for System-A), now I want to point it to System-B's d.b.
so I was hoping I could "pull up" the link, make pretty much one change (to my oracle instance = sodsdev1), and then get to coding my new application System-B.
I'm an oracle programmer but new to web stuff so pretty much trying to crack this for the first time. After this maybe I can take off my training wheels - - - thanks.


I found what I was looking for in the "Admin Console", which I got by right clicking on my websphere 6.1 local server.
I had a colleague walk me through this and got the profile worked out and connected to the d.b. and got a successful test.


I was able to solve this myself, but thanks for the assist.

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