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I haven't been able to find a good solution to our problem. Using QB Enterprise 10 if 2 users go to create a new X job, PO, SO, etc, when one goes to save its fine but when the 2nd person goes to save they get an error and have to start over. Why duplicate jobs / sales orders aren't handled better I don't know. The reason it happens is how data is stored to the database and how reads and writes happen.  So in order to reserve a "new" job / customer / sales order / po / or any other identifying number you need to save the record. So to fix the problem from a procedural standpoint.

  As soon as the user creates a new whatever it is, and they have the Ident Number / new template or whatever they should hit save then continue to edit it.

This is so the next user will request a "new" identification number for that record and will be 1 higher (even though 2 people will still be actually editing at the same time) this will assign each user their own unique record identifier.

Is there a setting in Quickbooks which to help prevent this or is this procedure the only way?
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In my experience (which we only see the problem with Invoices), the system automatucally changes to the next invoice number and posts a message that the ID number changed.
We've never had a problem with the data just going away, though perhaps this is specific to Sales Orders, not invoices.

When I know that someone else might be editing invoices (doesn't happen too often), I do enter one random line item on my own invoice, click Save to grab the number, and the continue editing.
This works fine and is likely to be the only easy solution.

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