How do I fix Windows XP "Send To" Mail Receipient not working.

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I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 and Office 2007 SP2, on a brand new system newly installed everything, and the Windows function of right clicking on a file or picture and selecting "Send To - Mail Receipient" dow not work!  For pictures it brings up the dialog box asking if I want to reduce size or keep original, but the new email never pops up.  Please how do I fix this, soooo annoying!
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You need to set up some software to be your "Default Mail Handler."

Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab -> Select an email handler.

Which email program do you want to use?  Outlook 2007?

Are the accounts all set up in Outlook 2007?  Can you send and receive mail from Outlook already?

Right click Taskbar>Properties>Start Menu>Customize>Email: drop down list>Choose email handler


Looked at both locations, it was already set in the Internet Options / Programs tab.  Still does not work.  As for Taskbar/Prop/Start/Customize... that only makes the icon appear on the start menu.

I am still not able to Send To Mail Receipient...
Close your Outlook, in the System 32 Directory run the Fixmapi.exe,

That is, C:\WINDOWS\system32\fixmapi.exe

Then open Outlook,

Then try the send to function


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