How do I send an attachment that changes daily in  a SQL 2000 DTS send mail task

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Experts.  I do not have admin rights to my SQL server, so no XP_commands, etc.

I need help, step by step, on how to send the following attachment in my DTS package.  

The file attachment change daily as follows for 2 daily files:

Tommorow the files will be :

and so on changing each day.  

I am not sure if this is an active x task or a dynamic peroperties task , and need help.
Note the ' is an actual character in the file name...not my Idea and not my files  :)
We will say the source path will be c:\temp


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These articles can explain it a lot better than I can:
How can I change the filename for a text file connection?

Working with files and the FileSystemObject

Changing the DTS Send Mail Task
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how about a call to a sp

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>>how about a call to a sp<<
The user is using DTS or perhaps you did not see the comment:
"I do not have admin rights to my SQL server, so no XP_commands, etc."


Thanks for the resource.  I'll take a look , seems like a great website.

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