How can I check my database growth rate?

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I have a sql server 2005 server on windows 2003 server.
My database files are on the same server.
I just found out i only have 300 mb of free space on this.

My server guy is asking what's my growth rate of my database.
Is there a way to check that?

Also I guess I should move my files to another server where I have no restrictions.
How can I do that?
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check the db space used at the same time on a daily basis , then you can calculate an average growth ratte
This little query has helped me several times doing the same thing. If critical, you could create a supporting database dedicated to storing running values every x period of time. I have this same query running on a monitoring application similar to NAGIOS to alert me if I am outgrowing allocated space too quickly. Just make sure you use the logical file name you need on your WHERE clause as:
WHERE NAME = [logical data file name]

use master
	ROUND(((cast (size as float)-cast (fileproperty(name,'SpaceUsed') as float))/cast (size as float))*100,2) as PERCENTFREE 
from sysfiles 
where name = 'master'

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To clarity, you can adapt that query to reflect total size, space left unallocated, etc...
Just play with it.

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