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We have a legacy client/server application that is installed in all the computers. We would like to publish the app via Citrix or MS Terminal Server (Windows 2008) and get rid off the client.  

I was wondering if someone is familiar with this process and could point me out to some good articles about both how to do this with platforms like Citrix and MS Terminal Server (Windows 2008).

I know MS has improved the MS Terminal Services in Windows 2008 but and Citrix has also done some imrpovements. Could someone also explain how licensing works and the average price for licensing?

If any other alternatives...cheaper, better, etc... would also be welcome.

Thank you.
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This is a pretty big question.  Some thoughts:

1. Best way to determine licensing cost is to contact a reseller, such as CDW or SHI.  One thing to keep in mind is that if you plan to utilize Citrix then you'll need to purchase XenApp AND MS Terminal Services licenses.

2. I haven't used MS Terminal Services in a while, though if I recall correctly under 2008 you can now publish an individual application rather than an entire desktop.  Citrix XenApp has allowed this for a while.  The best place to get started with XenApp is with the Admin Guide (  Carl Webster posts some really nice articles on DABCC (  

3. I don't have any personal experience with these, though a few alternatives to look at are Ericom and Quest.


Thanks for the feedback. Just to narrow this down a little bit for Citrix we will need to build TS get licenses and then also get licenses for Citrix XenApp? The expense is going to be higher than going to MS TS and then use the Remote App?

Also with Citrix a client has to be deployed to the clients? I guess TS Remote Apps works natively within Windows?
First recommended reading: "Terminal Services A to Z", free download at I wrote it and it is a great guide for anyone willing to learn (properly) how to setup/use TS.
All about licensing is explained there.
Citrix does add some features (that my experience shows are not required in 80% of the cases) but these come at a big price. Do not get me wrong, they do have a great solution but it is more geared towards the medium/large environments with several TSs and not only one or two.
Again, read the guide. It is all there for you.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP

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