I tried loading Firefox and it keeps crashing

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I was thinking of trying Firefox instead of IE and the download & installation were successful, but when I click to open it, it says firefox crashed and was not able to load.
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un=install Firefox
clear all internet cache in IE and re download Firefox
reinstall Firefox
try again
if not try Googles Chrome see what the problem is  (may help find out what's wrong withe FireFox (FF))
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good advice above, I'm just adding a few things:

Instead of just clearing the cache in IE, download, install, and run CCleaner (www.ccleaner.com), both its cleanup function and its registry cleaner.  then reboot.

Make sure IE is closed before you begin the Firefox installation.

You might want to let us know the specs of your system also. Hard drive space, OS, RAM.

Have you had other problems recently?
Have you checked your system for Spyware, or Viruses?

Have you looked at the System Event Viewer to see what is causing the crashes?


Worked perfectly, thanks alot for your help

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