How to enable Broadcast and Multicast over multiple VLAN's

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I have an HP Pro Curve 2910al running multiple vlans with inter vlan routing running nicely.  I have two products, Acronis Snap Deploy and Faronics Deep Freeze which I need to install on about 150 workstations.  

Anyone familiar with these products knows they use broadcast and multicast technologies.  My questions is if my servers are in vlan 10 running the Snap Deploy and Deep Freeze servers, how can I get communication happening to my workstations in vlan 110.  Im thinking there will be some braodcast/multicast helper commands.  I already have DHCP helpers on my vlan default gateways.  I might add that the vlans route at the HP, then down to a layer 3 Allied Telesis switch (running in layer 2 mode), which branches out to about 6 other layer two switches which is where all my workstations are situated.

Ill attach a network diagram to give people a better idea of what everything looks like.  I might also add the servers will be VMware virtual servers running on ESX servers and an iSCSI SAN.
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We use acronis snap deploy in our office for desktop deployments.

Once you create the master image, you start the process for deployment.  In the deployment settings there is an option for broadcast and multicast.  You can also set other parameters for the deployment and save it to a template.


Yeh thanks, i've got how that all works.  I was just needing what I needed to execute on the HP Pro Curve command line to get broadcats and multicasts happening over multiple vlans. As each vlan is a seperate broadcast domain it's not going to help if my workstations are broadcasting in one bc domain and my servers are sitting another bc domain.

But while i've got you here.........How do you name the workstations so they have unique names, I thought I had it sussed but it didn't work.  I just used NTW{1} , thinking it would just increment for each computer, but it didnt.  Any thoughts?


All good I just figured it out, it should have been NTW{start}

I still have the networking issue though if any of your Pro Curve Pros can help ^^
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za_mkhIT Manager

No Pro Curve Experience really, but you would need to enable a multicast routing protocol on your switch stack do the needful. Since we use Nortel, I know a bit about the nortels, but hopefully this post will show you what you need to do on your kit once you work out what the hp equivalents are.'t-traverse-core-switches/
You need to use what's called directed broadcasts. On any of the subnet interfaces you want to broadcast into you need to configure allow directed broadcasts. Then to control what can broadcast into those switches set up an ACL or filter rule that only allows those broadcasts across the upstream routed interface from the source address of your deepfreeze and snap deploy servers. I think you said you already have the return path covered with the helpers.

If you need multicasts as well that is a little trickier as you will have to add multicast routing to all of you router/L3 switches and IGMP snooping to all of your client PC side L2 switch ports. I am only saying trickeir because it is sometimes a daunting task to accomplish using different models of the same vendor's switches and routers and you have multiple vendors' equipment to contend with.


Thanks, sounds good to me

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