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Not sure where to ask this exactly. We have a thick building, being such, the am/fm radio reception is not consistent throughout the building. Is there some sort of repeater device that can be used in this scenario. I'm thinking of putting an antenna on the roof and some small antennas in the building.

Does anyone have a an economical solution for this? Does such a device exist?

Links to any such equipment would be appreciated.

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There's a few problems with AM/FM repeaters.

The first is that it's an analog signal being repeated. This means the noise is amplified along with the signal. The other problem is that the receiving radio wouldn't be able to differentiate between the original weak signal and the stronger repeated signal. There would be feedback issues on the repeater, and echo issues with the receiving radio at the end of the line.

And then there's the FCC regulations which limit how powerful an FM transmitter can be - and it isn't very powerful. Most likely to rebroadcast an FM transmission inside your office building you will need a stronger transmitter than is typically allowed. So this means to find a consumer device like would either be extremely expensive, or require some kind of licensing to use.

So... my hopes are not too high.

Perhaps you can instead put your AM/FM antennas on the roof and run the wires down into the rest of the building and have the other radios tap into it somehow?


Thanks Frosty555

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