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Hi there

Please help. I have a client who have thier web site hosted at BT and who are also the registrar for the domain 'exampledomain.com' who have 5 DNS entries. My client's email/MX records point to 1and1 Internet who only allow room for 4 DNS entries in the control panel.

Every few months due to the mismatch in DNS records, the domain name at 1and1 Internet is dropped and emails no longer arrive at the client domain name. I then have to quickly at 2am re-add the domain name into the 1and1 control panel.

1and1 tell me this will contiune to happen until BT remove a DNS from their system, now surely thats not going happen?! and 1and1 have no plans to include an entry for a 5 DNS on their control panel.

Is there a way around this, for the MX records to point to 1and1 while all other records are retained at BT but the domain is also held at 1and1 for email services only?

Any help would be gratefully recieved!

Thank you
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Why not use a service like free dns? http://freedns.afraid.org/ 
There you can manage all of your dns records in one location and be able to support more types and more records than 1and1 can provide.

If you are the domain owner, you can change the DNS servers for you domain to another service that is more flexible. There are many out there such as dyndns.org.


So would I point BT MX records to the third party and 1and1 to the thirt part too to let them both negotiate at the thirdy party servers?
You change the Nameservers on your Domain record to a service that allows you to mange the zones. They you set up the DNS per your requirements.

MX - 1&1
www. - BT


Job done!

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