backup exec 12...backup jobs running extremely slow

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I just started at this new job and have never dealt with backup all of a sudden the weekly full job has failed I believe due to tape i tried to get it to run on a tape with plenty of space left and now the job will only run at 111MB/min...the normal job runs at 638MB/min....what can i do to get this thing running the way it used to before failing...i have been trying to read KB articles but cannot find
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A tip....
Check the logs to see if the job is slow all the way, or if it`s a specific server og datatype that is making the speed so low.
In the log you will fint the MB/min described for each datasource(ex: "Server1, C:\")

Also run the live update, and then re-deploy the remote agents for remote servers (if you have). When deploying the remote agent you will be asked to apply new updates.

To Speed up backup Exec here's some trick to figure out your issue

- Format the tape before running the job
- If you use Exchange : Disable the GRT (Granular Restore)
- Disable all the Verify SQL Database
- Disable all the compression (software and harware)
- Disable the Verify (Not recommand, but to check if your issue is there)
- Disable the Tape Retention before running the job.

update your firmware
uninstall and reinstall your drivers.

After you figure out which one is causing your issue you will be able to focus..

I'm recommanding to disable everything always, it's more to diagnose your problem.

oupsss:: I'm NOT recommanding to disable everything always...  it's more to diagnose your problem.. my bad
hey guys...when in doubt reboot...i rebooted both the server and the quantum tape drive and now my job rate has bumped up a little...300MB/min as opposed to 111MB/min.   I still dont know why the job wont run at its original 638MB/min.

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