Satellite P105 (PSPA6A-02N021) video issues

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Hi All,

I am desperately seeking Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit video drivers suitable for the 7900GTX video chipset on my Satellite P105 (PSPA6A-02N021).

The drivers I have installed work in terms of resolution, but the video performance is around ¼ of what is normal. For example, if I run 3dMark2006, I used to get around 4000 points with XP Pro, however, I now get around 900 points regardless of which drivers I try.

(Please note, I used to have the same issues with XP Pro when I tried different driver packs, and only found around 3 that worked, being the standard Toshiba released video drivers, and 2 driver packs from (174.74 & 180.85 from memory)).

I have tried the following driver packs:
179.48 BETA

Can anyone give me any ideas on how to get this up & running to its normal capacity?

The other thing to note is that most driver packs seem to recognize the 7900GTX as an NVS510?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Unfortunately, almost everyone has the problem of lower scores on windows 7 in 3d mark compared to previous scores in XP. Seems to be an issue with 7 using directx10 while xp uses directx 9.

google search 3dmark scores xp vs 7.  Tons of people have the same complaint including me.


Hi Nitro316,

Whilst I am aware that I may get lower scores using Windows 7 vs XP Pro, I do not agree (no disrespect intended) that I would lose 75% of it's performance, especially when in XP Pro it was showing excatly the same discrepancies when using incorrect drivers?
I would have thought a 10% - 25% loss at most would be normal?

Sorry I misread the 1/4  comment. I thought that you meant you were seeing 25% drop in your numbers. But you are right 1/4th of the original scores is definitely not right. Unfortunately, I have seen no other drivers available on Nvidia's site. You might be stuck until Nvidia releases the new driver pack.

Do you notice any performance decrease or is it only the 3dMark score that is low?

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No problem nitro316, I apologise if my wording was a bit harsh!

Yes it appears as though the entire GPU has slowed down.... I am positive it is a drivers issue. I have seen the issue before with the same notebook when using standard nVidia drivers (with WIndows XP Pro) rather than either the Toshiba proprietary drivers or alternatively, modified drivers from (specifically suited to the 7900GTX chipset in the P105.
yeah it is definitely a driver issue. I would suggest hitting the request for attention button and get this question back to the top of the list.

Only other thing I can suggest is try to find a old vista driver and try that, vista and 7 drivers are compatible.


Thanks for the help nitro,

I will see what I can do!

If anyone else has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated!



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