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I bought the Windows 7 upgrade for my Vista machine.  I chose the option to download compressed files rather than the iso.  The upgrade went fine.

Several months later, my hard drive crashed.  I have a new hard drive and need to install windows.  I have the cd key for both vista and windows 7.  I have the downloaded copy of windows 7 but it is not on a bootable cd.  I do not have the recovery disk for vista.

Is there anyway to create a bootable cd that will install windows 7 from my media?
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You can try vlite :

Look at this wiki


Thank You!
MS actually released a tool specifically for this it will let you take the ISO file that you downloaded and let you create a bootable DVD or USB stick. I made a few of the usb sticks one for 64bit and one for 32bit. It is a very easy process maybe 2 or 3 screens.

The install can be downloaded from here.

All you do is point it to your iso and follow the onscreen prompts.

Two issues I ran into that may save you some headache.

1. When making a DVD you need to install .NET framework and Image Mastering API. When you do this reboot the computer. I did not and I burned myself several coasters.

2. If you are going to try to make the bootable usb drive you will need to use a program to open the ISO file and copy the windows 7 version of bootsect.exe off of the CD. Copy it into the USB creation tool directory.

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