Restoring my HP Dell Inspiron 1501

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Restoring my Dell Inspiron 1501 factory settings

Restoring my HP Dell Inspiron 1501:
I have an Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop that I need to restore to the factory settings.
It is currently running Windows Vista.
I don’t have the system recovery disk but I do see the recovery partition on the D: drive
is there anything I can do?

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Steps to boot into the Dell System Recovery Partition

Power on computer
At the Dell logo, hold Ctrl key and press F11 simultaneously
The Dell PC Restore screen should come up
Select Restore or use Tab key to highlight and press Enter
Click Confirm
Then Finish




it keeps going to the Start Window in normal mode or Safe mode


I picked Restore but it went to Startup Repair
Try F8 and go into Dell Factory Image Restore, that should wipe and restore the PC.


the above should work,

failing that, contact dell and ask them about shipping a restore cd out to you, there should be a small charge.

failing that still... try and obtain a copy of the operating system that your laptop is running (it should be noted on the COA sticker on the underside of the laptop, along with your serial number), you can then boot from the OS Disc and re-install a fresh operating system using the key that's on the COA sticker.

good luck =)

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