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i have a funny issue with one of my DC's in my domain. Its going to be hard to explain so bear with me.

on the primary DC, "Berlin" has all the roles and is a DC, but when i open the DNS management console on the server, in all the zones only the SOA and DNS servers in the domain are listed. no other records at all, even if i connect to anothe DNS server from BERLIN, i cant see any other records other than the DNS and SOA servers.

If i connect to BERLIN from the DNS management console on my PC (win7) i can see all the records.

On BERLIN, if i try to add a host to a zone that i know already exists, it wont let me, even though i cant see it in the DNS management console.

One other thing to mention, i recently promoted another Server 2008 server to be a DC, i now want to demote it as it was only temporary but when i try it pops up with a message saying that it thinks its the last DNS for several zones in the AD-integrated DNS, which isnt the case.

Replication is working correctly, Every DC passes DCDIAG tests.

Thnaks in advance for the help.
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It can be problem with corruption of netlogon.dns & netlogon.dnb.Also look the admin & account you are using have correct permission on regsitry.
If you try to open dns through mmc,geting same issue?
Rename netlogon.dnb & netlogon.dns with old,restart netlogon & dns service,the file will be recreated.
You can use dcpromo /forceremoval to remove AD from the server Follwoed by Metadata cleanup.
Prior,transfer the FSMO roles , if its has any.
In 2008 metadatacleanu is much simpler 


if i open dns manager through mmc i can see all the hosts and alias'.

I tried deleting netlogon.dbd and netlogon.dns but the same thing is happening. The account i am using is the Domain admin account. It was workinging for over a year before.
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Can you check the Replication Scope each server thinks it has for that zone? It'll be in the Properties.

On BERLIN, open the DNS Management console, expand the domain, right-click on the domain, select View -> Filter and make sure "All Names" is selected.


Wow, i feel like an idiot! i wont be making that mistake again, it was a filter applied!

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