TN3270 Plus does not keep connection information on Windows 7 PC

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We recently upgraded to Windows 7.  When I setup my connection in TN3270 Plus 2.3.5 it will connect but the connection information (i.e. session name, host name, etc.) does not remain and I have to set the connection again.  Any ideas?  I do not have this issue in XP or Vista.  
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couple things that you can try are

right click on shortcut and select run as administrator

right click on the shortcut and select properties then compatibility and try run this program in compatibility mode for :
windows xp sp2. click apply then try the program if that doesnt work try windows xp sp3
and finally windows vista.

If none of those work you may have to upgrade to the new 3.3 version which directly supports Windows 7
We had to log in as a local administrator and then apply our registration information to get it to "stick".  Then it would work OK.

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