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Client has only 2 workstations and uses quickbooks and another application for their business, the rest are standard apps, internet, MS office, etc. The workstations are pretty much maxed out on HD space and processing power.
Client asked for a quote for a server and of course they wanna spend as little as possible...
I would like to put Quickbooks on the server and it will also need to be a file/print server for these two clients.
I looked at HP and Dell websites at their desktop servers and would like to know what you would suggest as a recommendation.
I would also need it to be a raid server (disk mirroring).
Client is also possibly looking to have a satellite office of 4-5 clients to be able to access the server just to access files on it.
I also took a look at this website that sells refurbished servers - maybe worth it?

I would like to have a recommendation for only the 2 local clients and a recommendation for if they decide to in the future the satellite to have access.
I would also need a recommendation on what OS to use - SBS 2008, 2008R2 etc...


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HP ML350 G6 - Tower server at a resonable price. 1400$ - 1600$ + sas drives
( dont come with it )

Zaher Syed
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Though I am a huge fan of SBS with only two users you might want to consider Windows Home Server. This has become very popular as a backup system for businesses, but it has all of the features you require and more. More importantly it is very affordable.

-The systems start at about $500, more if you need lots of storage.
-There are no user CAL licenses to worry about
-They can be used as file servers
-They do not use typical raid but do offer file redundancy with a much more efficient use of space
-They have built in remote web access like SBS
-They have an amazing backup utility which will automatically back up each workstation. Should a workstation drive fail you can restore the whole PC automatically
-They come preconfigured, hardware and software
-They support up to 10 workstations
-They do not offer mail support, but this in conjunction with Microsoft On-Line services for full Outlook synchronization is an ideal solution
SBS2008 Standard - comes with 5 clients.
Get a Dell or HP Server that fits your budget with SBS pre-loaded.

SBS has the bits and pieces that folks will need to access remotely and is easy to manage.


Thanks - Think I'll go with the SBS

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