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Please let us know site from where we can down openssh rpm for redhat linux ver 5
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It is more than likely located on the installation cdrom that came with your system.

Alternatively, you can perform a 'yum installation'

yum search openssh

this will show you the available packages you can install... and then you may choose to install a server and client package. I believe they are called 'openssh-server' and 'openssh-client', respectively. If this is not their name, it should be in the search perfomed.

yum install openssh-server
yum install openssh-client
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Do you have a Redhat subscription?


Yeah we have a Red Hat Subscription, but the openssh version shipped by Red Hat is very very old. We would like to download openssh version 5 and above , but want an rpm download and not a compiled one.
We search rpmfind and other rpm sites but did not find openssh version 5 or above.
can someone help?
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Well, if you want a specific version, and it isn't offered through your Subscription, you may wish to open a support case with RedHat about your request. They may have a resource, or an upcoming version that may better suit your needs.

Your question about how to install all it should still apply though.


I think my question is not clear.Red Hat does not have openssh version 5 and above released. We have an application requiring openssh 5 as min, hence we would like to get the rpm for the same from other sources . I would like to know if we can find openssh version 5 and above rpm for download.
This method should work for you. RPM building is pretty painless. This will apply to RedHat, as CentOS is based on RedHat sources.


Keep in mind that, as one comment on the page mentions, this will render your openssh into a somewhat non-upgradeable state.  So if you only want this for one machine, just build it from source.  Build the RPM only if you need to install on multiple machines.  And in either case, remember to upgrade manually as security fixes come along.
As new source comes out, you can follow the same method to build a new rpm and deploy to however many machines need it, or install a local yum repository and have the machines point to it to install the update.


Was not fully what we wanted but was enough to meet our requirement

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