How to set password in administrator account during installation?

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I would like to control users which using administrator account to install all kind of programs and cause of viruses attack. I had try to give the user the limited account but we cause some problem which some important system/ program cannot be operated correctly. Is there any way for me to control administrator to enter password before installing any program?

I was nightmare to format the pc every week....that is not only 1 pc but more than 10 computers.

Hope i can get a solution from experts for this issue.....

Thank you very much...

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You may want to use software restriction policies

Using Software Restriction Policies to Protect Against Unauthorized Software
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If they are administrators - you can not do that....
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There’s no 100 percent effective way to prevent your users from installing software if they’re administrators because administrator authority allows someone to do anything if he or she is savvy enough.
You can use Group Policy to make it difficult for the average user to install software. You must lock down every option on the users’ desktops that would allow them to run arbitrary commands or certain programs under %winroot%. This includes disabling the command prompt, autorun on CD-ROM drives, the registry editor, access to flash drives, the Add/Remove Programs applet, and more. In addition, you could use your software restriction policy to make it harder for users to install applications by adding D:\setup.exe or D:\install.exe to the list of apps that can’t be installed.
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Install Windows SteadyState on the computer. It will undo any changes made to the system upon reboot. Now they cannot install any programs because they will be erased when the computer is rebooted.

Only problem is they must put personal documents somewhere else (another drive letter), or they would get deleted too.
Without the use of secondary software as Frosty mentioned... you cannot completed stop people from messing things up...

I can only speak from my experience but I have one client that there is no simple way to stop it so I have a set up of four hard drives for one computer in this location (The person who messes things up is the owner's wife so there is no "stopping" her). Two of them are installed into the computer. One of which is the OS drive, one is the data. the other two are clones of a fresh, non-corrupted installation of the OS and applicable software needed for that user. the other is the swap drive. The swap drive is a copy of the fres, non-corrupted drive that I can just swap out for the other OS  drive in the PC when the user gets it messed up. I swap drives, take the other one back to my shop, set up a cloning sequence and the next day (if I needed it that soon) I have a clean, fresh, non-corrupted swap.


1 of the good way...clone the hard disk....will try this method. thanks todd_beedy.
I am glad to be of assistance...

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