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One can log into a domain account on a laptop, even while they're at home, and their domain controller is not available to verify the login. Is this possible with a desktop computer? How can this be achieved?
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Premkumar YogeswaranSr. Analyst - System Administrator

Since the office laptops are member of domain they can login with thier cached credential...!

Confrim: Is the Desktop is Office or Home desktop?

Office desktop shoud be a member of domain so it can be done...!
Are you going to take the desktop home..?

You will want to cache the users domain credentials like you do on the laptops.
Im assuming its setup in OU's inside active directory. You could just add that desktop to your laptop group?

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If you are trying to add the desktop machine at someones home to your domain, it is going to have to authenicate at least once in order to be able to login to the domain. A domain admin would have to provide their credentials in order to join the pc to the domain, and then once the machine reboots the user would have to login so the dc can process the request. You could even join the domain while using a remote vpn connection, but the problem arises that once it reboots, it can not connect to the dc to authenicate the logon request, so it needs to be connected to the dc in some form or another. Once it has been authenicated you could then use the desktop at home and login with the cached credentials.


These are office desktops, already joined to the domain. How do I configure them  to work with cached logon?
Sr. Analyst - System Administrator
By default the password will be cached in the local system..!
You can test in this way

Log into your system once and log off the system..
Now remove the LAN Cable and login with the same password of last login it will do...!

This is logging with cached credential

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