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1)My friend would be a network Administrator within 2 days
2) She has been a desktop support for years, but never been a network administrator
3) She asked me what daily activities would she have to expect (especially for the beginner); and i, myself has not yet got experiences in this position ....
4) Any help from somebody who has experienced in this position? (Any INPUT  is greatly appreciated) ......she needs this info in order to get preparation better ...
-What does she need to ask or to know the important items firstly or since the beginning?
-Whatever idea, suggestion or item that she should ask, find or concentrate (In Real life Production environment)? Pls feel free to bring it up ........
-As you know that she is still in the probation for 2 months .......and she wants to pass it successfully
5) Thank you

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Senior Network Administrator
You will probably get a lot of different answers as every copany is different. I can share what we do at the company I work for.

Jr. Administrator duties are:
Day to Day Server Backups.
Review Backup logs daily.
Backup Restores
Reset user passwords.
Create new user accounts
Disable exiting user accounts.
Esculation point for the helpdesk techs.

Hope this helps.


Premkumar YogeswaranSr. Analyst - System Administrator
Adding Lights to Gary comment:

Checking Event logs in DC (If he is also taking care of servers)
Have to montior the network performance regularly by the tool used by your Org.
Check the space in the servers in DC as well as Exchange..!

Should be initiative and try to finish the issue as soon as possible.

All the best tu your Friend..!


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