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I have a laptop Compaq presario V3000.Now When i start my laptop, its on properly, but no display is on screen.I am not entering into BIOS.I am unable to see any thing on my laptop.Please give me solution ?

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Just remove the Battery and place it again. If it not solved the problem, press F2 or F10 while switching on the laptop.


When I press F2 or F10 its giving beep & again same problem
Few things to note...

Is your fan of laptop stops as well? - looks no only display problem. so is your desktop contain Nvidia graphics card?

Did you hear any beep? (If so how many)?  (I am expecting no beep-right?)

Can you connect it to some other display and/or check the RAM of you laptop?

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Hi Anil,

I am saying, when i start laptop its on & then there is no display on screen even I am unable to see Compaq screen.Screen is damage ?
rare chance of screen damage, it may be due to various reasons like

Faulty display card (like if you have Nvidia card that are reported to be major cause of this in past one years).
Faulty RAM (interaction etc)
power to display etc etc.

Also clarify this "when i start laptop its on" what do you mean by laptop is ON? How you know it is on? Did you see power and/or other lights ? or fan working observation ? or something else?
Just verified that with Compaq presario V3000 it is top notch integrated graphics (NVIDIA 6150)
So the probable reason is the same.

Couple of things to may boot up and you can view the display at some time and not on other time. Sadly the other time is in more than some time.

try this if it can help you a bit.... (not a permanent solution but may work)
Pull out the laptop batteries (remember it should be off while you do this)
open the laptop display unit more than 90 degrees (somewhat back side )
Put power cord and press the power button for arround 30 sec.  

see if it helps...(do a couple of try) , if my doubt is correct you display will appear at any time.
So check for Nvidia chip.


yes, I see power and/or other lights.How to check fan is working or not ? Or how check nvidia chip ?  
You cant check Nvidia Chip just like that. you have to open the unit to see. But it could not be a problem.
Anyways your laptop should show your BIOS, may be your BIOS chipest may curropted/faulty, try flash that ROM.
Recheck the RAM (remove and switch the unit, it should give you a beep). Or just switch on and wait for 10 min.
Other thing is remove the battery and connect the unit to power directly and try switching on. This may help.
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connect an external monitor - any screen then ?
No you cant go to BIOS if Nvidia chip is faulty.
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The Geforce 6150 video card integrated to the motherboard of your Compaq presario V3000 got overheated and fried. Hardware failure and you need to send it to HP and they will charge you inspection charge and send you a quotation for fixing it (if the warranty of your laptop has already been expired.)

Buying a new laptop maybe a better option as the repair cost is high from my previous experience with HP.


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