How do I add a desktop icon to user's roaming profiles and also back up the user's profiles?

Matt Kendall
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I have a Windows 2003 server that I have for about 40 of my 60 users to access when they're out of the office.  My Windows 2008 R2 server is the DC.  I need to be able to backup all of the user's profiles which are being stored on the Windows 2008 server and I would also like to be able to add an icon to each user's desktop.  I know I put the cart before the horse when I created all of the accounts and didn't add administrators access in the group policy.  So now I need to take ownership of each folder and give the creator owner full access to each profile folder.  When I do this, I get two errors (unless I give the user administrator rights...which I don't want to do)  1).  Windows cannot copy file \\.....\\application data\adobe...   2).  "Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile...."  After taking ownership of the profile folder, I am able to have the server backup the data.  Is there a better way to do this with where I'm at now having the users already created with them being the folder owner?  If I do go with this route, is there a group policy change that I need to make to allow them to login without giving them administrator rights?  Thanks for your help!
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do you have wsus install in 2003.
You can send all from wsus to users. install wsus3 from here
Matt KendallTech / Business owner operator


I don't have this.  I've installed it but I don't see how this will put an item on all my users' desktop and also help me backup all of the profile data.  It looks like WSUS is great for helping me to deploy updates to my clients.  Can you please explain to me how I would use WSUS to put a remote desktop client on all my profile desktops and help me backup my users' profiles?

Here is what i did.
from server manager (or manager console for wsus) go to client computer or (computer) then right click
and select assign application to this computer pr. default there are 4 application unselect them and select Edit Application in the new pop op select add then add application (which is a one icon file you want to send and one simple file for copy all from profile (somthing like that
CopyProfile <sourceuser> <destination dir> <permitted to use> )
(I have had this issue i need to install
to client pc (via server manager or wsus after that send a file for copy profile file)
from wsus you can start installation to client pc and check how long is it.

1 - download and install copy profile to client
2 - send command to copy profile and add icon.
ps! When you want add assign application remember to use " " for file somthing like that:
save that file you want to send under f.x c:\temp\myfile then call from add asign look at the attach file

Matt KendallTech / Business owner operator


I'll try it out later and let you know what I find.  Thanks for the help.

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