Can this CPU support 64 Bit Windows 7 - P4 Nothwood 3.40 GHz

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Can the following CPU support 64 Bit Windows 7.

I have attached a CPU-Z report from this machine.


Codename Northwood
 Specification Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz

No only am I interested in the simple answer but an explination on what I is or is not in the report so I can see why it is the case.


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No this processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz is not capable of 64 bit support because it does not include the 64 bit instruction set. The Northwoods only support 32-bit operating systems. Intel processors didnt support 64 bit instructions until the 2nd generation Prescott line came out. Specifically your looking for EM64T in the instructions field.

The highlighted section is what you want to look at.



That is great. Just to ask two other questions:

1. Is there a model number that is reported in there somewhere so I can reference it back to Intels site.

2. Given the fact they are running a 32 bit version of windows, there is no way this would mask detecting the instruction set properly. (Dumb question maybee - but wanted to ask :)


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The CPU-Z report doesn't show an sSpec number to look up directly on Intel's Processor Spec Finder [ ];  but it DOES show that it's a D1 Stepping, .13 micro technology, and Socket 478.    If you set those filters on Intel's Spec finder, there is only one 3.4GHz CPU -- which you can then simply look at the details of.

The simplest utility to show the 64-bit capability (or not) of a CPU (and also whether it supports hardware assisted virtualization) is this little gem from Gibson Research:

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