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Hi experts,

In my webform would like to make use of the postbackurl functionality. The problem is though that I also need to process data on the page before the postback to the other page. I googled and read that this is not possible.
I thought of a workaround where you have one button with the regular onClick method where I process data and a second button which has the postbackurl functionality. After I process data clicking the first button then I would call the second button in the code behind. But how do I cause the second button to do its postbackurl property in the code behind?
Would that workaround work?
What other suggestions do you have?

Thanks a lot
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inside the OnClick() event handler. Process the reqired data and redirect to the desired URL like below..

protected void button_onclick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
  //do all data processing here..

  //give your URL here..


But then it's a redirect and not a cross-postback. I like the idea of cross-post-back because in the destination page I can find out if the user really came from the source page or just typed in the url manually. You can't check that with Response.Redirect
Add a normal postback event handler, then either use a onclientclick - call a javascript function (or as I prefer attach a javascript handler to the button using jquery), at the end of the javascript function return true, it should then still postback.

This is how confirm dialog popups work - to let the user decide if a postback should occur or not as it will return false if the user selects no.
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For this, you can maintain a session variable to check, whether the user has logged in..

> I like the idea of cross-post-back

Just to nitpick: a postback is by definition to the same page (that is why it is called a postback). "Cross-post-back" is nonsense. It is just a post.
If the page you want direct to is on the same domain you can use Server.Transfer to send the entire request instead of just doing a Redirect.

This will not work cross-domain though.

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