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1:-I had installed squid(rpm) on REHL 5 installed on vmware . Since this is production environment its performance is slow as compare to direct connection to internet due to which client are facing problem.
2-: Second issue which I am facing is there are few websites which did not upload in correct format but when we remove proxy page uploaded correctly

Please resolve my both issues as soon as possible

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Monis MontherSystem Architect

How many users do you have connected to your squid?

What is your ACL configuration?

What cache filesystem are you using?


I have 115 users
squid  details are as follows
1.      Cache_mem  512 MB
2.      cache_swap _low 90 and cache _swap _high 95
3.      maximum_object _size 4096 KB
4.      minimum_object_size 0KB
5.       maximum_object_size_in _memory 8 KB
6.      cache_replacement_policy lru
7.      memory_replacement_policy lru
8    cache_dir ufs /var/spool/squid 1000 16 256 and rest is default setting

Monis MontherSystem Architect

Ok number of users is not that high 115 is normal, other settings are normal, although you have not implemented any performance tuning but it still should be ok

So I assume that you have no ACLs. , ok your cache_mem seems to be high, another thing to check is if you are using any SWAP space (if so squid will perform poorly)

post the output of the command



I am not using swap space and how I would implement performance tuning.Please let me know
System Architect
Check this wonderful pdf


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