Windows server 2008 SP1 Blue Screen.

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I am facing an urgent problem, my server got blue screen, I am sending the dump file as below, please take a look and check for me. I can't start my windows, I will get blue screen when startign up.

Thank you very much!
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Could be a problem with your file-system, heavy fragmentation of it, or issues with Antivirus/Firewall/backup tools etc.

Try booting with your Installation CD and go into the recovery console so you can run chkdsk. If you can get into windows after that, defrag your disk.

Boot from your installation DVD press Shift+F10 and do "chkdsk c: /f /r"
Your blue screen may be related to corrupt NTFS volume data.

After chkdsk try to boot your system again.
Principal Support Engineer
Kapersky A/V was showing up in the memory stack... See if you can head to SafeMode and then I'd either check for updates for Kapersky or remove it for testing (if you server is rebooting on regular/predictable basis)....  As well, the recovery console and chkdsk  would be a good option to pursue.
Scott AndersonPrincipal Support Engineer

Additional info:  your server is getting a Stop 0x24

    If you see NtfsExceptionFilter on the stack then the 2nd and 3rd
    parameters are the exception record and context record. Do a .cxr
    on the 3rd parameter and then kb to obtain a more informative stack
Arg1: 001904aa
Arg2: 992bf874
Arg3: 992bf570
Arg4: 819f5476

Also noted "ofant.sys" in the memory stack too... take a look at your CA ArcServ software too...


Thanks! The problems caused by crazy Kaspersky for server.

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