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our server doesnt sync properly,accoring with our clients.

i need to setup a time server, which one is best? we are in zurich,switzerland.

we have all server 2008 and win7 clients
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if your workstations conected to a DC, the DC should sync the workstations
you can set up a NTP Server from NTP Cluster pool. this is a good choice, because the pool has many members and if one server fails another is allready there:



yes, there are two DC`s,but they dont sync properly. same goes for exchange server

so i just follow up that link?
-- Please follow the following steps to configure the time server :-

Please login to the PDC and open Registry Editor-- Locate following Key -- HKLM-SYSTEM-CCS-SERVICES-W32time--Prameter :-

Now Type Value Should be NTP ,Also look for NtpServer and Point it to ",0x1" or any other Internet server .

Now under W32time click on onfig and  Change the Announce flag Value to 5 .

Thats all you need to do on PDC .

Now Type W32tm /resync .

It should be successful Other wise Check the Port Number 123 if its Listning .

On the other DC Type Value should be NT5DS,Also if you have issue on that server You can point to PDC Server Under the NTPServer Value Put in the IP of the PDC and then force resync .

Clients should get the time from any of these DC's ,Just restart the windows time service on the clients if facing any issues .

thanks .

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