How to share a microsoft access datatbase

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Dear All,

I have mad a microsoft access application. I need it to be used for more than one user. However when one of the users use it , the other user will a display a message  from the application showing that you are in read only mod e and he cant add or update the data.

So how can I solve this problem

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Change open mode to shared. Take a look-
Open the mdb (assuming it is an mdb of Access 2003 or lower), Click the tools menu, then options (expand the list of tools items if you need to), the click the advanced tab and ensure that the Default Open mode is Shared.
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
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Your best bet to avoid this issue (and many others) is to use a 'split' configuration ... where the Back End (BE) is on the 'server' containing only Tables ... and each user has a copy of the Front End (FE) on their workstation.  

Start with this:

'How to manually split a Access database in Microsoft Access

'Preparing Your Access 2003 Database for Deployment, Part 1

This EE link has a lot of good info also:

Then ... you need to have a *separate* copy of the front end (FE) on each work station for maximum reliability and performance ... must do.  To help with the deployment of the FE when changes are made, etc ... you will want something like this:

Auto Updater:

A final note:

After you do the split ...put the new BE on your server ... use the Linked Table Manager  ...
Tools>>Database Utilities>>Linked Table Manager.  Be SURE ... to always check to box called Always Prompt For New Location.  This will force the Windows  File Browse to open.  

Also, I recommend that you navigate via the full network path using My Network Places >> Entire Network >> Microsoft Windows Network ... then point to the Workgroup and ultimately the folder location on the server that contains the backend.  This way, you never have to worry about mapped drive letter changes, etc.

After you do the linking to the BE from your master FE ... you can copy the FE to each workstation.

Also ... if you happen to use the Database Splitter Wizard to split ... AND ... you happen to have the Switchboard table ... that will also be put into the BE.  Put this back into the FE and delete it from the BE.  This is really a 'local' table and does not need to be linked.


i will check it
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
Top Expert 2007

Several suggestions were made with no response from the author.  I suggest allocating the points accordingly.


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