Backup Exec 12.5 and Dell Autoloader 124T adding extra magazine.

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I recentlty purchased a Dell 124T Autoloader tape drive, as standard the tape drive came with a left magazine which holds 8 tapes. I have since purchased the right magazine and installed it, but backup exec is still only listing 8 slots for 1 magazine and not 16 can anyone advise how to get backup exec to register the 2nd magazine, i've stoped services turned the unit off but still nothing.
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remove the device from backup exec first
then remove it from the device manager (windows / os)
then re-install the device with the latest drivers
then confirm to make sure the device is listed under backupexec devices

i havent used a autoloader but i assume the steps to add / remove the device should be the same
you may have to remove / add the device, or check your autloader admin area settings.


ok, im ok at adding the device but cn't see any opetion to remove the device?
Any ideas?
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You dont really need to do anything in BEWS
Use the Front Panel (OCP) or the web console to access the library and configure it for both LEFT and RIGHT Magazines
restart BEWS services and it should show all the slots in the BEWS console.

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