Cisco 501 vs Cheap Dlink firewall

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Hi Folks,

At the moment I have my network inside two firewalls, a Cisco 501 inside a cheap Dlink.

However to let employees login from home I need to cut down to one firewall. I've given up on trying to let people through both

The cisco 501 is from 2003, I am concerned that there are no updates for it, so there might be security holes, but I just don;t know this

The dlink is newer, about 2-3 years old.

My question is, would you feel confident about just having that cisco 501 firewall wired direct to the ISP ? Or do you think I'd be better off using the dlink up front and drop the cisco completely ??


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When you say a cheap dlink, do you mean the home user type ones or just that its cheap compared to the cisco?

If its a Middlerange dlink for buissneses i would drop the cisco one, dlink arnt far behind cisco these days and to be honest cisco arn't what they used to be. Were going over to dlink at my workplace soon since they are so much better value for money.

Drop Cisco and keep the dlink unless its a home user firewall.


Yes its a home user DLink. DI 604 I think. Are they known to be hackable then ?

Well to be honest the 604 is the worst peice of hardware ever made, they dont handle trafic very well from experiance.

I would stick to the cisco in that case and consider upgrading to somthing new in the future.
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OK thanks. The 604 is facing the web at the moment, and our download speeds through a 50mbps connection are not limited by the 604 at all

Maybe I'll turn on windows firewall via AD throughout the LAN just in case !
Well in that case maybe you where lucky with it. But i would definatly keep the cisco just in case :)
The pros of the pix501

It have the full pix function and feature set of v6.3. Compare to the DLink, it can do a lot more if you know how to configure it.

The firmware for the Pix 501 have not really changed in the last 5+ yrs. It have been 6.3.x for many yrs now. So far, I have not heard any report of some one able to hack it. It is a piece of reliable software.

The cons of pix501

It actually cannot keep up with high level of traffic. I will comfortably use it up to 6Mbps. If you have 50Mbps, you should use something else.

The pix501 particular have a poor power connector. If it get knock around, it may disconnect or reboot.

Cisco have a licensing structure for the Pix501. Some is limited to support up to 10 users, and some only support 50 users while others are unlimited. Depends on what you have, it may not meet your need. It is not worthwhile to update.

Cisco is not going to provide any more update to the Pix501

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