backup exec 12.5 tape selection not running in order.

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I am running full backups every night to LTO3 tapes on a Dell Autoloader 124T.
I have 2 tapes per Day and labelled
Mon Week 1
Mon Week 1 T 2
And so on.........
I need the backup to run the job on tape 1 and then roll over to tape 2, the tapes are put in the autoloader in order but when the backup runs it keeps backing up on tape 2 first even though they are in order?
Any ideas how change this?
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That is not the correct way if you want BEWS to pick up specific tapes as a whole lot of settings and options come into play before a tape is picked.
If you want specific jobs to run on specific tapes then you will need to configire ROBOTIC LIBRARY Partitions and target the jobs on respective partitions (set of tapes)
Also you will need to set the OPP and AAP appropriately else jobs will not run as expected.

Creating, configuring, and targeting a backup job to a Robotic Library partition in Backup Exec For Windows Server

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