Is it possible to prevent a particular user or users from sending email to a specified distribution group?

David Haycox
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We have recently had some users sending joke emails to the company distribution list.  While we want to keep the list for most users, we'd like to prevent one or more users from being able to send mail to this distribution list.

We have Exchange 2007 running on a single server.

Is this possible, and if so how do we go about it?

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select the Delivery Restriction tab. Change the radio button from All to List in the Accept message from section and add the accounts you want to have this capability. A better, easier to manage approach is to restrict that capability to a distribution list. Create a group you want to be able to send out all-employee broadcasts and add it to the Accept message from section rather than individuals.
or just select allow every one except below option

specify the mail address which you wanted to restrict
from every one except

option on distribution group properties

David HaycoxConsultant Engineer


Your screen shot looks like it's from Exchange 2003, but it's very similar in 2007, so that definitely pointed me in the right direction!  Here's the 2007 screen:
yes i know but i dont have exchange 2007 :)

Cheers :)

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