Datagrid style is screwed on IIS 6

Jon Winterburn
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Hi experts,

I have a really irritating CSS/datagrid problem. I am developing an ASP.NET page in VB.NET on XP SP3 with VS.NET 2005. When I view the page on my machine, the datagrid looks perfect (see attachment 1). But when I copy the EXACT files to the production server (Windows Server 2003 standard, SP2) the datagrid looks ugly (thicker grey lines) and the header breaks (see attachment 2). I am viewing both in IE8 on the same machine.

Why is this happening?! Is there something about IIS6 that displays datagrids differently to IIS5?


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IIS won't effect the CSS or rendering of the datagrid, it just serves the files. The .Net framework will compile and generate the markup.

I wonder if it is caching the CSS file - maybe you are seeing a previous version. Is the CSS in a separate file - try deleting it, should see no style.

Unless you are styling it all inline in the code.


I have removed my custom CSS and left the datagrid as such:

asp:datagrid ID="dgCurrYear" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" CellPadding="3" ForeColor="#333333" Width="300" style="border-collapse:collapse"

But yet, the ugly gridlines are there, rather than the clean, thinner, lighter ones.


I have just discovered something else. If I visit my own local machine from another machine, the datagrid looks broken! So it would appear that if I view it locally, it looks like I expect it to, but if I visit it remotely, the formatting is screwed. I have confirmed this by putting a copy of the site on another machine and performing the same tests.

Is there a setting in IIS or .NET that is causing this to happen?
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That sounds very odd.

So what happens if you make the border colour red for example - what do you see local and remote?
Found it! Bloody IE8 compatibility mode was set to on for Intranet sites. As soon as I turned this off, it works fine. Very strange.
Crikey what a pain. I didn't know it could be set depending on network type. Well I'm glad you found the problem that's a tough one to learn :)

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