Exchange 2003 and iphone sync

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Please can someone help this is urgent.

We have an exchange front end backend setyp

We are trying to sync the iphone to Exchange 2003 Enterprise (clustered)

The exchange fe server event logs show:

Server ActiveSynce Event ID 3005
Unexpected exchange mailbox server error
http status code [503]
Verify that the exchange mailbox server is working correctly

Our setup for iis:

created virtual directory

gone into registry and created ExchangeVDir folder

Im really struglling can anyone help

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with it being front end / back end Im not sure if there is any configuration differences?
You do not need an 'exchange-oma' if you have a front-end and a back-end setup. It is applicable only in scenarios where we have a single Exchange Server.

Remove the exchange-oma from the front-end/backend as well as the registry that you have created.

Let us know how it goes.


Will give this a go and post results later today thanks


thats fantastic it works!
Do you know a way to restrict AD users access via Activesync

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