How to open a named mutex from kernel mode driver

Viney Kumar
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How can I open a named mutex from a kernel mode device driver? My user mode application is creating a named mutex and the driver needs to wait on it.
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the mutex is created by the os. in case of windows the CreateMutex would do the job. as first argument  there is 'lpMutexAttributes'. if NULL the mutex handle cannot inherited by child processes (following the docs). none of the other arguments would make a difference whether the mutex was created by a kernel mode thread or by a user mode thread. so both your app and the driver may call CreateMutex and would get a valid handle of the named mutex. by calling GetLastError you could find out whether you created the mutex or whether you opened an existing mutex. in the second case error is ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS.
    IN PFAST_MUTEX  FastMutex

Fast mutexes and guarded mutexes can be used as a replacement for mutex objects.

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