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I am having problem adding shared calenders to users who have given delegate access to resource. I have recently rolled out an extension to our domain (A) in a new site. Domain A has a one way trust with Domain B which trusts A, but due to security and Vpoor patching domain A cannot trust domain B.

Domain A host the user accounts and we will be utilising domain B's exchange environment which is currently an Exchange 2000 SP3 cluster and an Exchange 2003 SP2 cluster and also still hosts its own set of users.

The mail accounts on domain B have been disabled and the User accounts for domain A have been given full mailbox access and associated external email permission and the send on behalf of has been set for each user.The users in domain A can access their mailboxes and send and receive mail fine.

We originally had a send on behalf of error when adding delegates which turned to require a MS hotfix and REG key to Ignore SOB error:

Now we have a few issue:

1. When a user has been delegated access to anothers resource (Cal/Inbox etc) when a user in domain A opens that shared resource they receive the error 'unable to display the folder. The calendar folder could not be found'

2. The user in domain A cannot update any distribution lists they are an owner of 'Changes to the DL membership could not be saved. You do not have suffcient permission to perform this operation on this object'

3. When a user in domain A has access to a calender and its already mapped, even if they have editor rights they get the error 'You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder....'

None of these problems occur if the user logs on to Domain B with their enabled domain B user account.

Any help would be appreciated but I have a feeling it may relate to the above GC issues?

Thanks in advance.
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In what order did you set the "associated external account" and set the delegation? You need to set the "assocaited external account" before you set the delegation for it to work.



Thanks JJ, thats the only thing I hadnt done! Simple but worked!


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