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I'm working with a spreadsheet which have a Picture of some buildings We are working on. (Google Earth Picture)

Below the Picture, the cells are filled as a Data Base showing information regarding some Structural Problems located in those Buildings and in the Comun areas:
Column A is Problem Nº, Column B is the Problem, Column C , D and E are different repair costs and so on...

What I need is when the User click a cell in column A the Picture Shows (a rectangle, cirlce or whatever) in the Picture indicating the place where the problem is.

Is this possible ?... could you help me please ?

Thank you for your time.
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Yes, it can be done but it would be specific to your picture and your workbook, so it needs to be done on your file. Thus please upload your file.

Once it is done, if the picture is re-sized then the whole set up would have to be re-done. It not the easiest way to do it.

It would be better to have numbered circles which relate to the items in your worksheet.



Here is the file...
Sorry for the delay...

In all honesty, what you have already done is good. My advice is keep it simple and easy to maintain - exactly as you have done.

However if you want to add pictures to cell comments that might be much more useful to you. In the attached file in cell B47 there is a picture comment. Move the mouse cursor over that cell and you will see some roof detail (from the Forbidden City in Beijing, China).

Essentially the pictures are inserted in Comments. Here's the method:

1. Right click on the cell and Insert Comment

2. On the hashed border around the Comment, double click. That will bring up a dialogue box entitled Format Comment, select the Colours and Lines tab.

3.Click on the Fill/Colour dropdown arrow and click on the Fill Effects at the bottom.

4. Select the Picture tab and then press the Select Picture button. Navigate your way to the correct picture and press OK (as many times as needed) all the way back to the beginning. The picture will appear squashed up in the Colour dropdown, but ignore that, press OK.
That’s it. It’s bit fiddly but it is easily doable. You can either make the Comments (with the pictures) or just have a picture.

Hope that helps

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Hi Patrick,

You gave me a better solution than the one I asked here...

The pictures in Comments fit perfectly with what I´m doing.

Thank you very much...

Roberto - I thought you'd like them. Thanks for the grade. Hope you like my picture from the Forbidden City. - Patrick


The picture is very nice... and the roof is in better shape than the lot We have to fix... even when is a little bit older.
Thank you again for your idea.

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