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I have a Root domain and a child Domain. I hadly do any work at all on the Root DC. I recently realised that i cannot log on to the Root DC with Enterprise Admin Credentials. The password was set to be very long and complex and some how the characters have been messed up. Microsoft tells me there's no way the password can be reset. but i have faith in Experts Exchange.
Can this be reset and how? Windows Server 2003 Standard Edtn. SP2

thanks in anticipation
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By "messed up" I assume you mean that you can no longer remember the password ?
If the Enterprise Admin Password is lost, then it can be reset by another account with relevant provilages, do you have another enterprise admin account (you should have for this very reason).

If not then you can try the solution at but any attempts to reset the password are not supported by Microsoft


Wonder why Microsoft says it cannot never be done...

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