Can't view some emails in additional mailbox even though they are there

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A PA can not see 4 e-mails in her MD's Inbox, which is set-up as an additional mailbox in her Outlook Profile (OP) even though they appear in his OP and in OWA. The messages are all related i.e. ether replies or forwards of an original message. Outlook is in cached mode and there are no other issues.

The e-mail was received by the PA and she noticed that the MD was Cc'd but that the email didn't appear in his Inbox (in her OP). She forwarded the original email to him thinking there was a problem and noticed that this forwarded email didn't appear either in his Inbox (in her OP). He then called her to ask why she had forwarded it as he had received the original in his OP. He then replied to her forward, which she received, but when she replied to his reply (stay with me...) it didn't appear in his Inbox (in her OP) but he did receive it in his OP??

Have tried the following:

Reset all views and ensured filters are off
Recreated Outlook profile with default settings
Moved emails to different folders
Repaired Office 2003
Set-up PA’s OP with access to MD’s mailbox from another machine
Set-up PA’s OP with access to MD’s mailbox from another location

Nothing works. What I have noticed:

The emails are definitely in her OP as the item count and folder sizes are correct but you just can’t see them. If I mark the email as unread in the MD's OP or in OWA, the unread item count goes up in the PA's OP but you still can't see the actual e-mail. If I create an OP to his mailbox from her Windows profile and login to his mailbox as the primary mailbox, I can see all the e-mails, so the problem only occurs when viewing his mailbox as an additional mailbox.

Any helps/suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Is the message marked as Private?



err... I would love to say no and pretend it was something far more complex but that was it! You probably guessed that after reading the first 2 lines of my essay :)

Many thanks.



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