USB prot not seen on an HP server running W2K

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We have Windows 2000 server running on an HP Proliant 150 G2. There is a Maxtor OneTouch (2.5" external HD) that is used for backups. Every thing was working fine. When the external drive was originally connected it was just plugged in, Windows recognized it, and it worked. We had trouble with a Windows update some time back and Windows crashed. We did an 'in place' repair of Windows by reinstalling Windows using the repair option. Windows is working fine but the server does not recognize the USB port at all. Anything plugged into it is unseen. The device manager shows no problems. Any ideas on how to get the USB port going without having to do a complete reinstall of Windows?
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1. Try removing all of the USB root hubs in the device manager and then reboot, see if they are redetected and come back.   Removing devices could lock up the server, so you might want to do this after hours.
2. Reload the chipset drivers from


Thanks for the response. I tried your suggestion last night. It worked! When I removed the USB root hubs the server stayed up. I restarted the server and Windows reloaded the drivers. Then when I plugged in a USB device it was recognized. Many thanks!

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