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In the calendar of Microsoft Outlook, time periods are selected by clicking and dragging down. You click anywhere within the starting time period, drag down, and then release the mouse when the cursor is anywhere within the ending time period. During this process, a shape element is drawn (in time-period stages) over the selected area. Upon release, the shape element remains in a form that can then be moved, extended, shortened, and deleted.

I would like to replicate this feature in Adobe Flex. I'm at the planning stage of the project and so I'm not constrained by any particular approach. I know that Flex doesn't have this capability out of the box (unless Flex 4 has it, but I don't think so), so I'll be needing to extend (probably quite substantially) some existing components.

At this early stage, I'm essentially looking for experts' advice on the best way to approach the problem (rather than actual code). I'm open to any Flex suggestions, including using commercial components, upgrading to Flex 4, or other ideas.

Since I'm just asking for advice, rather than actual code solutions, I've chosen 250 points.
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Try taking a look at DateChooser in Flex and see if it is near to what you want.

Otherwise, try looking at http://www.imbizzi.com/

I'm not sure if there is a free version though.

You can try searching for other components first before trying to work on this.

I'm sure there will be components for what you want. A nice place to look for what you want may be sites likes activeden.com. Yes you may need to pay but it is certainly more worth it to spend than to rewrite something from scratch that others have already done.


Thanks TanLiHao.

imbizzi looks interesting, and reasonably close to what I need, but not close enough for me to be able to just use the pre-packaged component. The source code version would presumably allow the necessary modification, but it's $1500 which is a lot more than I'd like to spend, given that I'm happy to do it myself given some good starting guidance by the excellent Experts Exchange community :-)

Your comment was helpful though, so I'll probably consider it to be an assisted solution or whatever.

This blog will help you through.

I have used this component to make the same type of calendar. Demo not showing the add and edit event. But if you go any date which has event, you will be able to see you can do all drag and stuff.



Hi vindys80

That's interesting too, but it doesn't have what I consider to be the really key feature which is a drag-select capability. I'm talking about what happens in Outlook when you click and drag down to select multiple time blocks. Flex doesn't have the ability to make multiple selections as you drag (or at least it doesn't by default) and I'm wondering how I would implement this in a big calendar view (7 days on a page and time split into 15 minute periods).


Wasn't really what I was looking for, but it helped somewhat.

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