Dialup with a Modem Send a Text Data To Other Party .net #C

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I am searching for some hints on how to create an application using C# and sending data over the line to the other connected party. This will be some kind of simulator where I will connect send data reconnect and resend data 100x times.

I need a starting point how to handshake (dial the number).

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You probably want to use TCP/IP that way when the user upgrades to DSL(or other broadband) you don't have to upgrade the code.

If I remember how dialup works, it can be configured to autodial when a IP address is requested.

You need to keep the amount of data transmitted as small as possible.


This will be always dial as this is a service for dial up, what I need is a sample code how to call with a modem and send data to the other party.
if it is ALWAYS going to be a dialup connection, then you can talk directly to the modem.

Here are the steps:
   Open the Modem device  (COM1 on Windows)
   send modem commands ATDT
   wait for a connection
   start sending data
   wait for a response or acknowledgement.

To connect you use the SerialPort class:

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