OCS 2007 R2-incorrect/stale titles in Office Communicator

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For some reason i have 4 out of 87 employees that have incorrect/stale titles in Office Communicator. GAL is correct, looks good in Outlook and AD(checked 3 of our DC servers).

At one point the title was correct until  HR had me change every employees titles in AD/GAL a month ago. This is a Group distribution, even adding them manually it shows the wrong title for those users.

Any ideas? Like i said, only have this issue with 4 users. Thanks in advanced!
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what do you mean wrong? old? in other language?


Meaning previous title at one point they had a month ago, but the title was changed a while back ago. Like i said the GAL is correct.

ok, gal is correct, but what about synchronization with outlook on particular PCs?
what will happen if you delete (remove temporaraly) Communicator folder (where all cached things are stored) from %userprofile%?
It should be recreated upon restart of Communicator under normal circumstances.

Please also check that MOCs of those 4 users can successfully sync data with outlook (there should be no "!" sign in notifications of MOC"
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No errors at all, actually just changed a title for a user yesterday and changed went thru ok.. OC client looked to be update. There is no error or "!". No Outlook syn issues as well

please, then try to delete  that folder from affected user's profile and give communicator some time after that to cache all the AB.
I broke today and called Microsoft.  I would like to share what I learned as this is not anywhere on the Internet that Google could connect me with.

Basically, the servers configurations are fine, and all the testing I did on my laptop was a complete waste of time.  Here is why:

By default, every night at 1:30AM the new address book is updated and at some random time within the first hour of logging in each day the local workstation downloads updates from the day before that are included in the compact delta file.  In my opinion this next part is a design flaw, there are 2 AD attributes that are NOT included in the compact delta file, "office" and "title", I was told MS programmers did not think this would change often enough to warrant including it in the code, nor will it ever be.  I work in a company of roughly 1200 employee who change departments and get promotions all the time, so that is a negative for us...other downside is HR has the ability to change these titles so we are never informed.

The full and legacy delta files continue to include these attributes.  The legacy and full delta files are only downloaded when a NEW galcontacts.db file is downloaded to the workstation.  Another snafu in the programming is, even though my local galcontacts.db file displays the correct attributes, it will NOT reflect in MOC unless the user who's title, or whatever, changed has them as well.  So with that being said, for it to be represented company-wide you have to manually delete these files from the end-user in question so that they can download the Full and Legacy files at which point it gets reflected to everyone.  Even the engineer I worked with thought it was weird, but it is what it is.

For the changes to be represented you have to remove the 2 files from any client that has changes in office locale or title.  We are thinking of creating a login script to delete these daily, because we have multiple office locations and DC's so it will not impact the network performance being that authentication is staggered, and add the registry key that forces your MOC to download the GalContacts.db as soon as it is opened.  Hopefully making it seamless.


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