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Is there a way to block incoming sms or phone call from non jailbreak iphone 3g.
Note, I would not like to jailbreak my iphone
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go to your settings and to security settings and go to incoming calls and select contacts list only.

That will block all callers but the ones you have on your contact list.

To block a single called im afraid you need to call your telephone provider. There is no way on the iphone to do that unless you have a jailbreaked phone.
If you do choose to jailbreak, the cydia app you're looking for is "iBlacklist".
>>settings and to security settings , I can't found security setting on my iphone

>>If you do choose to jailbreak  no I don't want to jailbreak my iphone

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Hmmm, im afraid it must be a jailbreak app i have installed that adds that then.
In that case phoning your telephone provider or jailbreaking is the only way :(
So, up to now. It is no way to block sms/mms/phone call from my (non jailbreaken) iphone 3g ....?
Only by calling your telephone provider and asking them to block the number.

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