Is it possible to have different resolutions in clone mode either with Ati or Nvidia?

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Using Windows XP
I have a 17" monitor in the living room and a 22" monitor in the kitchen and both connected to the same computer(Ati Radeon X1650 dual-dvi), the 17" is cloned(not extended) to the 22" monitor but the 22" monitor displays the 1024x768 resolution and it looks horrible.  I will like to have both monitors display in their native maximum resolutions.  I tried cloning the 22" to the 17" but the problem now is with the 17" the monitor scrolls up&down and left&right because it displays 1680x1050 and not sure if the 17" will last long.  

I have another machine with dual-screens using GeForce 9600gt 512ram.
I read online that Nvidia has something called DualView Mode which resolves the resolution problem in clone mode but i don't see the DualView option in the nvidia software drivers.  

Or is there third party software that can clone with different resolutions?
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I believe the NVidia software will allow you to do this, exactly like you are asking.

Have you tried to update to the most recent drivers? I just did this a few weeks ago, there should be two locations in the Control Panel I believe, but Im sorry, I dont remember exactly which applet is the one.....
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dual view missing

Check the registry for the value "DisableDualView" as suggested in the above link...
You cannot use nVidia Dual View Mode on your computer. Because you cannot install nVidia drivers or software on your computer and have it function. Reason being, Ati Radeon X1650, not an nVidia adapter. If you want nVidia drivers/software you will need to purchase an nVidia adapter.

Here is a list of some you can choose from for this solution (just make sure to determine what interface type you have - AGP, PCIe:

There are several 3rd party packages that claim to have the ability to manage displays in the way you need. However, these applications work through and are limited by the drivers native to the adapter being used and the rarely ever perform as promised. We have tested many of these in our lab for various reason and I would not suggest purchasing one. Especially after you consider how inexpensive it is just to purchase the correct card to fit your needs. Just remember to uninstall the old ATI drivers > shut down the system > unplug > swap card > boot > install latest drivers (from nVidia's site, not from provided CD) > reboot > enjoy


RE: SemperWiFi

I have 2 different machines with each dual-monitors, one machine has a ATI video card my second machine has a nVidia card.  

I could not get the clone with different resolutions working on the ATI, then i read online that Nvidia supports this with DualView Mode but when i tried on my second machine(nvidia card) I could not find the DualView mode it just had the clone option.

The ATI is AGP based and the nVidia is PCIe based.

Other option is to use extended mode and then Use ultramon option "mirror-each taskbar shows all tasks", and use objectdock since it has the start menu and I can place the dock on the other screen that has no start menu.  This is sloppy but I guess it will do.
9600GT does support Dual View, it can be found in the NVIDIA control panel. If this is not the case for you and you have already downloaded and installed the latest drivers from NVIDIA then it is time to call them and get a replacement card.

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