Mail server is getting deferred / blocked by yahoo for only some domains

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We are having trouble sending to Yahoo and Aol accounts among others.  In Aol and Yahoo if we send the exact same email using two different sending addresses 1 gets delivered and 1 gets blocked.  We are sending from and from the later gets through and former doesn't.  Both are coming from the same mail server.  Our IP as a PTR and is not blacklisted anywhere that I can find.  Also the spam score using barracuda is a .2 and using spam assassin is a 1.2.  All messages that get delivered are placed in the spam box but the headers show that they were never flagged as spam.  When I look up the IP reputation on AOL is shows neutral.

I guess what I am asking is why Yahoo would block mail from 1 domain and not another considering they both come from the same mail server? and if we are not blacklisted how do we find out if Yahoo or AOL has internally flagged us due to complaints?  
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Please have a read through my FAQ regarding problems sending mail to one or more domains:
Yahoo get very picky about who emails them and you may have to contact them and get unblocked.  This is usually a pain to do, but once they unblock you, you should be fine.
Check your house is in order first by following my FAQ and of you are - get them to unblock you.

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