Acrobat batch sequence: Javascript editor pops up for each file in the Process directory.

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I've written a JavaScript batch sequence with acrobat 8 Pro.  

Each Time I run a JavaScript contained in the sequence the JavaScript editor pops up and you must click "OK" then it processes the file. I'm dealing with hundreds of files at a time so clicking a button 100 times is just a waste of time.  

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The Code Creates a field and puts the file name  in the field here is the code:

var inch = 72; 
// Position a rectangle & assign attributes
var aRect = this.getPageBox( {nPage: 0} ); 
aRect[0] += .15*inch;            // from upper left hand corner of page. 
aRect[2] = aRect[0]+4*inch;    // Make it 2 inch wide 
aRect[1] -= .15*inch; 
aRect[3] = aRect[1] -18;       // and 24 points high 
// Getting the name of the file
var strpath = this.path
var number_1 = strpath.lastIndexOf('/') + 1 
var number_2 = strpath.lastIndexOf('.') 
var myName = strpath.substring(number_1, number_2)  

//Adding Field with 
var f = this.addField(myName, "text", 0, aRect ) 
f.value = myName;

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Go to Advanced -> Batch Processing -> Unselect 'Show the Run Sequence Confirmation dialog'
Unfortunately it's not that easy, there is no menu item to do that, you need to go into the sequence editor (Advanced>Document Processing>Batch Processing..." - then select the sequence and click on "Edit", then select "Select Commands".
You will see a little box in front of the "Execute JavaScript" label (in the right half of the dialog). Click on that. At first the box will show some content (a title bar and a few dots), after you click, it will be empty.
Save your sequence, run it again, and you should no longer see the editor pop up.  


Thanks a bunch You would have though they would have made that a little more obvious, this saves me some mouse clicks on a bunch of other sequences as well.

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